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Washington Mortgage Rates

Washington is truly a spectacular place to live. It is filled with natural beauty in every direction and is home to 5 breathtaking volcanic peaks. Washington has thriving cities like Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma, but also boasts plenty of quiet mountain towns for those looking for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Regardless of where you are looking to buy a home in Washington, you can compare lenders before getting started using

Common Washington Loan Types:

  • Washington conventional mortgages: Most homebuyers in Washington end up utilizing a conventional mortgage, but there are many options available for these standard loans. Some factors can vary depending on the location you choose and the lender you utilize. You can compare conventional mortgages from a wide variety of lenders with to find the best option for you.
  • Washington FHA loans: An FHA loan is a special type of mortgage that is backed by the Federal Housing Administration. This mortgage is executed through traditional lenders and is targeted towards first time homebuyers. The purpose of these loans is to offer the opportunity of homeownership to consumers who cannot otherwise qualify for a loan. With the FHA insurance, a borrower can get a mortgage with a low down payment and a lower credit score. The insurance does add to the costs of purchasing the home. Compare Washington FHA Lenders on to find the right option for you.
  • Washington VA loans: Active duty and retired members of the armed forces have access to a special type of loan called a VA Loan. It is offered through conventional lenders, but you do need to qualify to be eligible for these loans. VA loans in Washington come with better interest rates and no down payment requirements because the VA backs them. You can find a VA-approved lender to work with in Washington through

Washington Mortgage Rates Compared to National Averages

Mortgage interest rates in Washington are just below the national average, which means you can find competitive rates across the state. However, Washington does have a higher average home price than most of the United States, as well as a higher overall cost of living than the national average, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Ready to refinance or find a new home in Washington? Let help you find the perfect lender for your unique needs and get ready to enjoy your new home.